Drone lap record at Red Bull Ring

Pilot Walter Kirsch sets fastest drone lap time of 1:39.75 ahead of Red Bull Dr.One.

Austrian Walter Kirsch has flown the fastest ever drone record around the famous Red Bull Ring in a time of 1 minute 39.75 seconds.

His race drone reached a top speed of 165km/h and an average speed of 155km/h, although it was still some way shy of the fastest lap around the circuit set by Lewis Hamilton in a Formula 1 car in a time of 1:07.411.

However, the drone fared closer to the leading MotGP lap of Johann Zarco, clocked at 1:24.312.

“It was great to see that my race copter can keep up with other vehicles on the race course and even surpass some of the best times of other race series,” said Kirsch afterwards. “In the drone class, this was the first and fastest round ever flown on the Red Bull Ring.”

For the lap, Kirsch used a CherryCraft Supreme 5” Carbon frame drone with TBS Powercube electronics and XNova Lightning motors.

Everybody who wants to watch Kirsch and his race copter live, they have the chance from this coming Friday (September 29) to Saturday at Red Bull DR.ONE.

In all, some 18 drone pilots from 15 nations worldwide will compete during the E-Mobility Play Days on the specifically build high-speed and gate course.

Red Bull DR.ONE takes drone competitions to the next level by taking the precision, dexterity and strategy of the drone pilots to the test.

The specially built Trap-Gate course with precision gates and high-speed sections is a novelty in the drone racing scene.

Also the race mode and minimalistic regulations in size, weight and the used technology give the pilots a lot of strategic opportunities and never-before-seen challenges during the whole race weekend in Spielberg, all the while racing over the heads of the spectators.

The challenges at the Trap-Gates include 800 C° hot fire blazes, strong air bursts and waterfalls to penalize any inaccuracies in moving over the course.

Red Bull DR.ONE race director Jörg Bumba said: “It is going to be a new kind of drone racing for the pilots as it is not a typical high speed course, but an interesting mixture of speed, precision flying and strategy.”

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